Submissive training real meaning

What is the submissive training true goal?

It is to create a submissive and dominant bound. The fundamental reason to start a submissive or slave training is not to make her crawl on the floor. What a good dominant or master want is to create a profound bond with her. You will get much more pleasure by having her obey for love of you to her submissive commands compare to a submissive doing it by fear. That’s what submissive training is all about!

What’s the meaning of submissive commands?

Submissive commands are for reinforcing the submissive link with her dominant. They are not to program her to act as a robot. Part of the submissive lifestyle is to let her act freely because she understands what is asked of her. She knows how to respond to specific situations because of her training. But that does not mean you should want your submissive to crawl naked in the street because got a fantasm of it. It means she knows expected behavior in the boundary of her submissive lifestyle.

​A submissive is expected to act by applying submissive commands according to the situation and level of protocol bound to her submissive training.

Submissive commands are also reinforcing the link with the dominant because properly done, she will be proud of executing them. ​It mean the dominant must not reward her submissive or slave with huge and frequent prize. She must see the reward as insignificant. It may seem counterintuitive, but people assimilate and stick to a choice if they feel having worked to get it. If she feels that she obey the command because she wanted the rewards, it will make her expect it. She will be conditioned to act according to the rewards. In her mindset, it will be the rewards justify the works. But if the rewards is insignificant. In her mindset it will be: I worked a great deal for doing it and I owned my place as a submissive that he is proud. The behavior will stick with her for years. If you have doubt, you can check how the Chinese deal with “traitor” in the indoctrination procedure page 43-44 of the following CIA declassified report: link.

​​So what’s important to remember? Training is not to create a robot, training is to generate bound.

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