SSC & RACK: The fast food and the gourmet

​Ok, I’m NOT objective on the subject! ​But that’s the best analogy I got in mind. SSC is like the fast food of BDSM. It’s easy to get, easy to eat, but tasteless. You don’t need lots of reflection to understand the meaning of Safe, Sane and Consensual.

​​I’m bias in favor of the RACK doctrine! 

​Why is SSC so popular?

Don’t do risky practice, keep it sane and keep-it consensual… Easy mainstream explication how not to screw-up a bdsm session. That the ideology promoted on Fetlife to accommodate the mass of new user after the Fifty shade of Gray phenomena. They even change the terms of service to reflect it. They are scared of liability of promoting Edge Play practice. ​But that totally annoying! SSC is like returning in the morals of the 50’s when the church told you to stay virgin before marriage.

With all the ranting… Any good reason to use SSC doctrine?

​Actually yes! SSC is good for peoples that want to start a little BDSM play in the bedroom. So if you are a couple interested to do it from time to time, but not on a regular basis. It for you! It’s not the most savory, but you have a greater chance of finding it safe and easy to follow. In a way it’s like going to a fast food restaurant. You won’t find a lot of nuance in the meal but it will feed the mass. It takes out a lot of the risk if you follow the guideline by the letter. ​It like the 50’s doctrine. NOT want to be pregnant before marriage? Don’t have sex.

What if I find SSC too boring?

Gourmet in the BDSM community prefer usually using the RACK doctrine. RACK is not restrictive as SSC. It is based on a Risk Aware Consensual Kink relation. That means you will take risks. It’s not always safe. You may get hurt, but you know the risk and mitigate them to an acceptable level. It’s like when you drive a motorcycle or do rock-climbing. You can get hurt if an accident append but you try to keep the injury to an acceptable level using protective equipments.

That’s the main difference between SSC and RACK. One is like living as Mister Monk’s or living as a normal human being.

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