Mind Fuck: how to

What a Mind Fuck?

Well… It is basically fucking with your mind. It is tricking your mind to think an event is happening when actually it is not.

But the real question should be why we do Mind Fuck

The reason we do Mind Fuck? Let me ask you a question: why do you like movies? Because it make you dream of new impossible thing in your boring real life. Mind Fuck are exactly the same thing. Except you are in the movie. So doing a mind fuck is creating a story you want to feel.

But why create Mind Fuck and not do it?

It simple: safety. You can play with idea in Mind Fuck that are too dangerous in real life. Want to play with the fear of being threaten with a knife?

A few years back, I made one using a knife crazy sharp and a key with a round head as the main props. I told my sub to wear old cloth she won’t regret being destroyed. I first bound her so she can’t move and started to cut her cloth with my Mora razor sharp knife. I made sure she was aware of the knife and put it on a table. Now she got blindfold so she can’t see. I took the round head of the key and started to play with her skin. I acted as if I was to I was playing with the knife. Her imagination was running wild.

What if he cut me? What is going to append?

You see a mind fuck work because you play with the mind to create a story. You make the person feel as if it dangerous. But it not. It just illusions. The Mind Fuck experience is similar in a way to hypnosis. Actually, it is a kind of hypnosis: the subject go into a trance. Let me explain what is a trance. A trance is not exactly what you see on stage. It more mundane. When you read a good book, listen to a good film or just drive and say who I’m already at the destination? You are in a light form of trance. Mind Fuck are exactly that. It create a focal point.

The mind focus on the idea

I’m going to fail that exam. I can’t do it. I’m not good enough to pass…¬†¬†Ever feel that? Your mind only think of one thing. It does not work correctly and see the big picture. It exactly what we want in that case. Make the subject focus on what we want and forget the rest.

Why it not done all the time?

Well, Mind Fuck dark side… It easy to trigger PTSD experience. If she got rape, playing a rape scene can be a really bad idea. You must always know your partners extremely well and be ready to abort the scene if it goes bad. Your goal is to make the experience intense but also fun. You want your sub to get aroused. The goal is not to send her to the psychiatric ward…

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