#metoo: the problem of truth and justice

#Metoo is a problem?

Yes #metoo movement represents a problem. The problem with the #metoo is not the victim will for justice. It’s the fact that peoples act as vigilantes. They take the notion of justice in their own hand. It’s a big problem because it lets a huge place for abuse. Your ex is pissed-off because you dumped her? She just needs to tell you raped her for wrecking your life and shaming you publicly. And don’t say it does not append. It does append. The false statement is a real problem.

#Metoo or #Isay?

The problem as explained is not the fact victim wants to seek justice for rape. It’s the absence of proof before the accusation got a buzz in the media. #Metoo tag is one of the most share on the social media and in the press for now. But are all accusation true? Let take a case where the problem of review does not imply a rape case:

Khawlah Noman 11-year-old stated that a man took out her hijab and cut it with a scissor. The Prime Minister of Canada took position, saying it was disgusting. But did it really happen? No! The police concluded a week later that she lied. It never happened. Does Khawlah Noman get prosecuted for false statement under oath? I don’t think so. She just presented public excuse.

She lied and people took her accusation for cash because of the phenomena and hysteria.

You see, that’s the problem with the motor movement. It has no review process if an accusation is real.

In Khawlah Noman case, the police verified the accusation and quickly concluded she was a liar. But the media buzz did not wait for a real investigation. The court of Law does… She was accusing a man with a description. But what would have happened if she accused you of the crime? You would have been on the hot seat and your reputation destroyed for a crime that never happened!

Victims tend to see the justice system as too slow and too complicated. But it now without a reason. The justice tries to give people a fair trial. Not a media buzz. That makes a huge difference in how it got handled.

What to do about #metoo?

I think social media should block the hashtag from being shared and auto-reply that if you are a victim, you should contact the police not do a show on the social media.

#metoo is damaging the society as a McCarthy commission…

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