Edge Play: risky, but awesome!

Ok, Edge Play is not for the SSC community. It implies consequence in the short and long run. Edge Play is like practicing an extreme sport. It can be great, give you a high level of adrenaline or induce subspace. But it can also mean death, injury, disease or high sub-drop if you are not careful. It’s like doing parachute, motocross or car racing. It’s great, but you better do it with a competent instructor for the first time! The best advice for doing an Edge Play is to do it with a person with experience in the field.

So what is Edge Play?

It’s not a specific practice, but more of a field. It includes Knife Play, Erotic Asphixation, Fire Play… Well lot of practice with a risk of physical injury or disease. But it also implies the risk of mental trauma. Consensual Non Consensual, Degradation, Deshumanisation, Humiliation, Mental Sadism can be associated with Edge Play because you can cause severe mental health issue.

So what is fun in Edge Play if it’s so dangerous?

Like most extreme sport, peoples do it for living the high level of excitement it can give. It can act as a drug in your body. You feel a rush of adrenaline, beta-endorphine and other naturally occurring substances. You can feel euphoria, subspace and power… So yes, it’s fun and dangerous… But Edge Play is not crazy dangerous if you are aware of the risk and act to mitigate them. The limit between doing Edge Play and being a crazy idiot is how you handle the risk. You will fix the limit of what you do according to how you can deal with the risk of serious bad thing append.

For example, if you want to do blood play, get your partner and yourself tested. It will mitigate the risk of blood transmitted disease. It won’t suppress the risk, but keep it at a safer level.

If want to do a Mind-Fuck, talk with your partner about trauma or how you must handle some strong reaction that could be expected. You won’t calculate all the possible outcome, but experience and preparation will tell you if something is going wrong and how to react.

​​Edge Play is pushing the experience and risks to the limit but with proper safety and experience. It’s like jumping, from a plane. It can be extremely intense, but be aware of the risk and don’t forget your parachute!

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