Mind Fuck: how to

What a Mind Fuck? Well… It is basically fucking with your mind. It is tricking your mind to think an event is happening when actually it is not. But the real question should be why we do Mind Fuck The reason we do Mind Fuck? Let me ask you a question: why do you like […]

She is human!

Ok, I’m in for a little clarification. A submissive is a human being. Yes, she can say she is your slave, your pet or what you ask her to say. But she is still a human being. As a Master or a Dom, it’s your responsability to ensure she is Ok. If she ask to […]

Hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Let talk about Hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming… First, NO you can’t make your submissive became as a robot with hypnosis or Neuro-Linguistic Programming. It impossible. You can make your submissive or slave act as if she was a robot if she is into that kind of kink. But in that kind of setting it not done by […]

The Moscow Rules

The Moscow Rules: Assume nothing. Never go against your gut. Everyone is potentially under opposition control. Do not look back; you are never completely alone. Go with the flow, blend in. Vary your pattern and stay within your cover. Lull them into a sense of complacency. Do not harass the opposition. Pick the time and […]

What make a good Master?

What make a good Master? It’s one of the first question a submissive should ask. If you are new in the bdsm community and a female submissive, you will get a lot of offers wanted or not to be your new master. Your first reaction will probably be to choose the first one because you […]

#metoo: the problem of truth and justice

#Metoo is a problem? Yes #metoo movement represents a problem. The problem with the #metoo is not the victim will for justice. It’s the fact that peoples act as vigilantes. They take the notion of justice in their own hand. It’s a big problem because it lets a huge place for abuse. Your ex is pissed-off […]

Edge Play: risky, but awesome!

Ok, Edge Play is not for the SSC community. It implies consequence in the short and long run. Edge Play is like practicing an extreme sport. It can be great, give you a high level of adrenaline or induce subspace. But it can also mean death, injury, disease or high sub-drop if you are not […]

SSC & RACK: The fast food and the gourmet

​Ok, I’m NOT objective on the subject! ​But that’s the best analogy I got in mind. SSC is like the fast food of BDSM. It’s easy to get, easy to eat, but tasteless. You don’t need lots of reflection to understand the meaning of Safe, Sane and Consensual. ​​I’m bias in favor of the RACK doctrine!  ​Why is SSC so popular? […]

Submissive training real meaning

What is the submissive training true goal? It is to create a submissive and dominant bound. The fundamental reason to start a submissive or slave training is not to make her crawl on the floor. What a good dominant or master want is to create a profound bond with her. You will get much more […]

How to define submissive?

​If you are new in the bdsm community you will be asked really quickly: Do you want to be my slave or sub? ​But are you really a submissive? How can we define a submissive? The question wasn’t just about been submitted, but also what is expected from a submissive. The definition is of a great importance because […]