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We are in front of profound societal change with the effect of COVID-19. What kind of change does we want? It’s the pivotal question we all see in the news. But what do we want? Some argue that we must create a new society base on equality. But we tried and fail.

I think the solution is a return to the natural order of thing. Society need structure. We followed for century structure based on gender and identity. The gender defines the normative role with the identity. They both define the role of the person according to societal needs. I must clarify that gender and sex at birth are for me the same. You can’t carry a baby because you want to define your gender as a woman when you are born a man. Nor you can impregnate a woman when you define your gender as a man when you are born a woman. It’s purely a question of biology.

Part of the problem with COVID-19 is we broke the rules

We extended the notion of the neighbour to wider and wider distance. We gradually weaken the local identity in favour of a global identity. It meant the notion of distance and race vanished. We gradually accepted that family members can be far away. It caused a cultural weakening of the local identity and more exchanges with the outside. Weakening the local identity mean weakening the societal safety structure.

By destroying the local identity in favour of global identity, we exchanged the security of the local extended family for a virtual family structured over communication. We transposed the physical benefit of an extended family for the construction of a family base on a common discourse without the security benefit of proximity between its members. The effect is that we counted more and more on an artificial structure like day care, kinder garden or long care center. All those structure work in a functional society, but they lack any kinship. Workers in the long care center work for the pay. It means they run away and let them die because they feel it does not worth the risk. Peoples of an extended family will take those risks. I don’t say anybody will do it. But kinship can go a long way compare to cold hard cash.

I think we must renounce to a global society for a structured local identity base on kinship and common value. I don’t say we must recreate the notion of communist ideology. But we should create a community base on proximity and common identity. I think we should return to a society and economy where the woman take care of the family and the man work outside. The equality we see now is impossible to sustain. It makes us too dependent on structure created outside the extended family. If we follow the path as today, we must create bigger and bigger structure to reduce the cost. It means structure more and more impersonal and cold.

We need to return to more conservative values:

  1. The society is base on proximity and common ideology for basic need.
  2. We should make smaller city.
  3. Peoples should find what they need at walking distance.
  4. Population is base on natality and not immigration.

Reducing the number of peoples travelling around would reduce the risk of pandemia. We need to slow down how we travel.

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